You Too Can Beat Binge Eating

you too can beat binge eating

Can online hypnotherapy beat binge eating?

Are you feeling shame, guilt or embarrassment over the size of your body? Are those feelings causing you to eat more in an effort to suppress them?
As you know binge eating disorder is characterized by recurring over-eating episodes during which a person feels a loss of control. Do you hide food? Not eat in front of others? Lie about what you have eaten after a binge? Do you eat large quantities of food even when you are not hungry, to the point of being in pain? If you do, then we have a problem.

You too can beat binge eating

Now here’s a thing about problems, they are just golden opportunities to show how resourceful we can be. The good news is, eating disorders are treatable. On the downside, obese people with this disorder often have coexisting psychological illnesses including anxiety, depression and personality disorders. In addition, links between obesity and cardiovascular disease and hypertension are well documented. Ok, so there are some physical health and mental health problems associated with being over-weight. Once again, they are just opportunities for you to shine. As long as you are prepared to devote time, money, effort and self-discipline, then you can overcome binge eating.

Treatment for binge eating

You too can beat binge eating, if you are prepared to devote time and effort to get better. Treatment for binge eating is similar to that used to treat anorexia and bulimiaHypnoanalysis is a very powerful treatment method for the removal of the underlying cause of binge eating. Hypnoanalysis can take anything between 6 and 12 weekly one hour sessions. Should therapy proceed beyond twelve weekly one hour sessions, then I do not charge. This is because I have confidence in what I am doing. (mind you there is an upper limit to the number of sessions.) Using hypnosis, free association and regression to cause makes getting to the cause of your binge eating very easy indeed.

On average most clients take approximately eight sessions to find the cause. After which the presenting symptom ceases and recovery is well on its way. Clients with binge eating disorder are often prescribed appetite suppressants, psychotherapy, especially CBT, which usually address only their symptom’s.
Here at we (that’s you and me) work together to uncover and thus remove the underlying cause of your presenting symptom. Once your conscious mind uncovers what your subconscious mind has been holding on to, your symptom simply fades away.