What is a phobia?

A Phobia is: “an outward expression of an internal anxiety.” What does that mean? Simply put, “something within you, but outside your own control”.

Phobia’s are one of the five major types of anxiety disorder. It is a strong, irrational fear of something that poses little or no actual danger at all. People with phobias will really try to avoid what they are afraid of because if they can’t, they may experience panic and fear, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, trembling and a string desire to get away.

Now that we know what a phobia is, perhaps we should take a closer look at the cause. Remember every symptom (your problem or phobia’s) must have a cause! The universe works on the doctrine of Cause and Effect. And you my friend are no different. Just for a moment think back on your childhood, and think about one time when you felt uneasy about a situation or incident that created intense negative emotions, within you. What ever you thought about, your ‘psyche’ has the ability to repress/hide/disavow the emotions associated with that incident. Once those emotions have been bottled up, your psyche will sometimes create a phobia – to warn you not to get into that (or any similar) situation again, it also serves another purpose as we can see from these two examples. Which we now see as that bottled up emotion from yesteryear.

Treatment for Phobias

Suggestion Therapy: has a success rate of approximately zero! So please bear that in mind when requesting help
with a phobia, from other sources. Why does it fail so dismally, keep reading?
Hypnoanalysis: We now know that your particular phobia is caused by a trapped emotion (from long ago) that
is now being expressed by your “psyche” to draw attention to this unconscious conflict, if I were stupid enough
to apply suggestion to your particular phobia, and remember here that you phobia is not what is wrong with you,
it is only your presenting symptom (the reason you called me initially), it is very possible that your phobia would
disappear but only on a temporary basis. In the mean time that trapped emotion will seek another path to get
your attention, this time it will hit you where it hurts most, mountain climbers get vertigo; opera singers, laryngitis,
mathematicians headaches and so on! But this time you will have two phobias not one!

With this type of therapy, we go in search of the actual cause of the phobia. Note I said WE, not you, not me,
this is a very much a journey into your past and I am just a guide, to help you get to the root cause of the problem.
Now once we discover the hidden emotion, (usually from your formative years) your particular symptom will
vanish so completely that you will wonder, did I ever have that problem in the first place! Also it will never return it can’t because you have released that pent up emotion, and there is absolutely no way it is going back, it can’t.

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Sigmund Freud

Symptoms, as we know, are a substitute for something that is held back by repression.​

Carl Jung
The purpose of a symptom is to draw attention to the part of the psyche that has been neglected”

I have found it quiet reassuring for people to know that their particular phobia has got a name. At least someone else must have suffered as you are. And at some stage in their life used hypnotherapy for the removal of the phobia.

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